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Help install this treasure by a living treasure!

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As the organization continues to evolve, the board and staff of Mount Sequoyah Center wish to display a symbol on the grounds that nods to the Mountain’s past, as well as its present and future as a welcoming space for all.

Erected by the United Methodist Church, the Cross Overlook is an iconic symbol for both Fayetteville and for Christianity. We do not intend to replace nor diminish its place. We do, however, wish to add a piece that represents the diverse community and all who have and will come to Mount Sequoyah.

Hank Kaminsky's piece "You Are Standing on Sacred Ground" is a perfect work of art to encompass all who who and will walk this mountaintop and act as a symbol of this welcoming place.

Kaminsky, a Mount Sequoyah neighbor and renowned artist, is a natural fit for this endeavor. In addition to busts of J. William Fulbright and Chelsea Clinton, Kaminsky formed the bust of Sequoyah, the creator of the Cherokee language. The bust was presented to Mount Sequoyah in 1998 to commemorate the organization’s 75th anniversary.

As it turns out, Kaminsky designed a piece, a mold, in 2004 that was never produced. It is a large work that seems to be an ancient stone slab. Etched in this stone is the phrase “You are Standing on Sacred Ground” in a number of languages, including English and Cherokee. For the artist and for Mount Sequoyah, it symbolizes the many ways to understand the spiritual nature of the Mountain. It will be installed in a prominent location on campus.

“In the years since it was made,” Kaminsky said, “my sculpture has been waiting for a place to come home. I am a firm believer that things work out somehow. This sculpture has been waiting for Mount Sequoyah to begin a process of transformation. My piece joins the many other symbols of a growing and diverse spiritual life. I am honored by the opportunity of placing the work here in this beautiful campus, helping me complete my own spiritual process”

Casting the sculpture in bronze, transportation to the Mountain, and installation is estimated to cost $25,000. As a nonprofit, Mount Sequoyah must secure the funds before we can begin the project. Donors who make gifts of $500 or more will be recognized on the base of the sculpture.